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News Flash - Counterfeit Bills


Counterfeit $100 bills being passed. Look real, but feel waxy to the touch.



The Middletown Police Department is warning area merchants and the general public as to an influx of HIGH QUALITY COUNTERFEIT U.S. $100 BILLS.

On February 19, 2011 two males of Mexican descent attempted to pass counterfeit $100.00 bills in the Rte. 66 area of Middletown. One of the suspects was arrested and the investigation into the identity of the second man is ongoing.

The $100.00 bills were of high quality, appear authentic, and are difficult to detect as counterfeit.
The bills feel somewhat waxy to the touch.
The plastic band contained in authentic US bills was present in the counterfeit money.
The counterfeit money pen test, which many businesses utilize to test suspected money, proved useless as the bills passed the test.
The water marks that should be present in authentic US currency were not present.

Similar high quality bills were utilized earlier in the month by three parties who were arrested in New London.
Merchants should be wary of people attempting to purchase inexpensive items with suspect $100 bills in order to attain authentic US currency in return as change.
In both Middletown and New London cases, the suspects were from New York or New Jersey.

Anyone with further information regarding this case is urged to contact Investigative Services Division at (860) 344-3240.

If you think that a customer is in your store is attempting to pass a counterfeit bill please contact the Middletown Police through our Central Dispatch Center 860-347-2541.

Sergeant Richard Davis
Street Crime Unit
Middletown Police Department

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