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Available Parking:

(Please note this page is under review as some parking areas have changed. Please use signage in the downtown area)

Riverview Parking Garage lower level located on Dingwall Drive and Melilli Plaza Lot located behind Main Street Market. The Melilli Lot and Upper Arcade Facility have transitioned to fully automated public parking areas! To enter the lots you must pull a ticket from the automatic ticket dispenser; Remember to PLEASE TAKE YOUR TICKET WITH YOU. 

There are two Pay-on-Foot Pay Stations:

1.     The recommended station is located near the entrance. This station accepts parking-fee payments, tenders any change due, issues a receipt and validates your parking ticket.

2.     There are also pay stations in the exit lanes; however, as stated the we recommend using the pay-on-foot pay station near the entrance to expedite departures.

Before returning to your vehicle:

3.     Proceed to the automatic pay station located near the entrance.

4.     There is a "Push for Assistance" button at each machine should you have need for on-site assistance.

5.    Insert your parking ticket into the pay station (magnetic stripe up & to the right). The pay station will automatically calculate your parking fee, if any. If you would like to receive a receipt of your transaction, select that option before paying your parking fee.

6.    Insert cash or credit card as payment. Your ticket will be encoded as paid and automatically returned to you.

7.     Proceed to your vehicle with your ticket.

8.     Drive to the exit lane, insert the ticket into the exit verifier and the gate will open to allow you to exit.

9.     Have a safe trip :-)

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call the Parking Office at (860) 638-4920. Remember, there is also a "Push for Assistance" button at each machine should you have need for on-site assistance.


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